Sunday, September 27, 2009


As time flies by, it seems that I can no longer deny the fact that fall is upon us..

There is a brisk chill to the air, the leaves are changing colour at a rapid speed and the days are getting increasingly shorter and shorter..

Although it saddens me that the days of summer are no longer here...that another season has come and gone..there are also a lot of things that I look forward to with the end of summer.

For instance...sweaters. I love being all cuddled up in blankets and sweaters, and fall is the perfect season to put on a big oversized sweater and wrap up in a big blanket with a book in hand.

Another 'fall' love of mine is apple cider. We had our first jug of it from the farmers market this weekend and we've been devouring it like crazy. There is just something so comfortable about the sweet, rich taste of fresh apple cider..I cannot get enough of it.

Because the air has a bit of bite in it, everyone seems to be craving warm comfort foods that the season and the harvest brings the last little while we've started making dinners which warm the body and the soul..tonight I'm going to make chicken pot pie and an apple crisp for can't get much more seasonal than that :P

The colours also have me swooning...the newly appearing yellows, oranges and reds mixed in with the still present but ever fading greens have me absolutely captivated every time I step outside. Everywhere I look it's a picture of perfection, and I can't help but smile when I see the beautiful palet that mother nature has made :)

Fall also means that my birthday and thanksgiving are almost upon us...both things which I enjoy because it means that we gather together as a family and eat delicious meals...This year will be ever more special because that particular weekend will be filled with the arrival of more family who are moving back home and three birthdays all in a row :)

Time seems to be passing me by faster than ever and life is moving at a rapid pace...and although it's sad to say goodbye to another summer, this one which seemed particularily short as I was absent for a good deal of it..the thought of all of the wonderful things that fall has to offer keeps a smile on my face :)

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